Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Each of our programs at the Greater Phoenix Urban League educates, engages and empowers residents of the Valley of the Sun with access to information, civic and community leaders and forums for productive dialogue regarding topics and priorities in their communities.


To uphold our mission of helping those in need achieve economic and social equality, the Greater Phoenix Urban League collaborates with local community and faith-based partners to educate our community on the impacts of public policy on our political, economic and social systems. We also engage in public outreach and educational campaigns to increase awareness of issues with a direct impact on the quality of life and economic development in the greater Phoenix communities.


We remain eager to collaborate with other civil rights, community and faith-based organizations to leverage resources and make even a greater impact on our community. It is our goal to continue to advocate for education, economic development, affordable housing, transportation, small business and community development initiatives and to serve as a voice for impactful change for Greater Phoenix.

Recent Initiative:

Reclaim the Vote

The Greater Phoenix Urban League is a voter registration location where members of the public can come and register to vote online.