About Us


The mission of the Greater Phoenix Urban League is to be an agent of change; to support minorities and those in need in achieving economic and social equality through programs in economic empowerment, housing, education, civic engagement, and health and wellness.

Through civic engagement and direct programming, we offer a diverse array of classes and resources, including but not limited to:

Employment Programs

  • Job Employment Program – The Greater Phoenix Urban League offers a job referral program where individuals have access to current job openings and are provided with vital employment information. Job opportunities range from entry level through professional positions and are listed at the Greater Phoenix Urban League, job bank each week.
  • Career Information & Networking Sessions – are features of the employment program.
  • Summer Youth Employment – In partnership with Maricopa County, the Greater Phoenix Urban League assists youth between the ages of 16-21 with job training, placement and assessment over the summer months.
  • Workforce Programs – focused on youth development by providing paid summer work programs for youth aged 14-21 focuses on jobs, skills training and placement.

Community Service

  • Bridge Building – At the Greater Phoenix Urban League, we employ this term to describe our interactions with other community group sand affiliations and our efforts to build healthy relationships between diverse organizations
  • Public Policy – We work with various government institutions to ensure that the Valley leaders and policy makers better understand the issues that affect minorities and other underrepresented residents of Maricopa County.
  • Coalition Building – The GPUL creates partnership between churches, associations and other community groups to join forces and resolves issues of mutual concern.
  • Housing Programs – The GPUL is a HUD approved Counseling Agency recognized for excellence in providing quality housing education programs around the Valley.
  • First time Home Buyers Program – This program assists individuals and families in achieving the American Dream of homeownership. Future homeowners are guided through the pre-qualifying process and provided with information on programs targeted at first time homebuyers.
  • Foreclosure Counseling – GPUL Foreclosure Counseling provides advice on how families can avoid foreclosure. When clients are struggling to pay the mortgage or falling behind on payments, our HUD certified counselors can help with contacting your financial institution for a Loan Modification. The service also informs clients how to clear up or dispute credit issues and develop a successful financial plan.
  • Affordable Low Income Apartments – The GPUL provides referrals to quality housing for individuals whose income is no greater than 60% of the median income in Maricopa County, Pima County and Mohave County.

Education Services

  • Head Start – This early child development program is aimed at improving the social, emotional, and physical development of underprivileged children. The Head Start program serves children ages 3-5 and their families.